Radio Taiso・Morning Exercise

Event co-hosted by Otsu Station Tourist Information Center

Work out the Japanese way!
Morning radio exercise is a staple in Japanese morning routine since 1928. Exercising in the morning will wake you up and make you healthier!

When Every morning 7:30 AM
※ winter break: November 15th to March 15th
Where The Calendar (terrace)
Participation fee Free of charge
Event details ・Cancelled in case of rain
・Collect our stamps on the Radio Taiso Stamp Card and get convenient discounts!
10 stamps: free coffee
20 stamps: free coffee
30 stamps: free lunch
・10 full-stamped cards: special award
・more than 10 full-stamped cards: LIFETIME discount! 50 ¥ off lunch
・50 ¥ off on the breakfast price for every participant

Got questions? Contact us!

Otsu Station Tourist Information Center “Otsury”
Vierra Otsu・1-3 Kasuga-cho, Otsu, Shiga 520-0055
call us:077-522-3830